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have to do a better job and michael milbury's essay speaks to this is how do you educate the entire community about disabilities like autism or learning disabilities so it's not up to the person whose art is struggling to up were already struggling with social hierarchies to make sure everyone else knows this is the autism looks like. this is why kids with autism may respond differently. this is by someone with autism may have a tick or do behaviors that i don't understand but i see them have been. how can we get kids more aware of differences among them and say we're going to support this person and not ostracized them or pick on them because they're different because now we understand what's going on. >> host: is some of this about there being an petite? talk that. >> guest: absolutely. this is why are bush for the film was what it was and wanted to bring the same approach the book. we feel this is an issue so many of the snow is going on. we know numbers are extraordinary of kids being bullied. but it comes down to is understanding what it means to wake up every day and know that
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1